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Laser Dentistry

A Fonthill Marketplace Dentistry we continually strive to provide our patients with the most innovative and effective treatments available. That’s why we offer Laser dentistry for the treatment of gum disease and cold sores.

How Does the Laser Work?

A dental laser emits a very narrow, intense beam of light energy. When the laser light beam comes into contact with the treatment area, it can cause changes to the tissue.

Laser Dentistry and Gum Disease

Laser treatment, in conjunction with other non-invasive procedures is performed by our dentists and hygienists to effectively treat gum disease. With laser therapy patients will experience reduced healing time, minimal pain and discomfort, less bleeding and sensitivity and a lesser risk of infection.

Not all patients with periodontal disease are eligible for laser dentistry. The dentist or hygienist will assess you to see if laser therapy is the right treatment for you.

Laser Dentistry and Cold Sores

If you suffer from recurrent outbreaks of cold sores, ask the dentist or hygienist about laser therapy. Application of the laser can bring you immediate relief of your sores, healing them within 72 hours.

For more information about Laser Dentistry or to book a consult, call the Fonthill Marketplace Dentistry office and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.

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